Periodic calibration of a data logger increases measurement confidence by comparing a measurement device to a traceable standard. Proper periodic calibration ensures the accuracy of a data logger throughout its life.

 Why Calibrate?

All physical sensors become less accurate due to the environment, usage, stress, and even time. The degree to which these changes occur varies from device to device. For example, a voltage device will drift very little over the years whereas a humidity sensor can drift significantly in several weeks if subjected to a corrosive environment.

 Calibration Certificates

The calibration certificates are generated at the end of the manufacturing process at the factory.  The factory calibration certificate provides traceability back to United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). However the NIST certificate is not recognized in Australia. In order to fill this gap, Data Logger Store uses equipment calibrated by NATA accredited laboratories as primary standards and is therefore traceable to the National Standard of Measurement. Each certificate indicates the date and conditions of calibration. These certificates provide the documentation needed to satisfy most requirements in Australia and New Zealand. To obtain a calibration certificate for your new data logger simply order at the time of purchase indicating whether you require a NIST or Traceability to National standards of measurement certificate. If you need to re- calibrate your existing data logger, simply complete the Calibration Request form and submit it to the Data Logger Store. Alternatively, you may contact the data logger store by email or phone

Tech Support

 Calibration Services

Data Logger Store’s calibration laboratory offers a variety of standard and customized calibration services.The scope of Data Logger store’s services covers temperature, humidity,sound, infrared and pressure. If you require voltage, current and shock logger calibration, we can arrange it via a third party lab or through the manufacturer.

The standard calibration is normally a one or two point correction of the reported values, depending on the type of device being calibrated. Additional or nonstandard points incur an additional fee.

For more information on specific pricing of your data logger type or volume discounts for calibration certificates call 1300 662 720 or email

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